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Garage Door Repair Top Aurora ILOur experts are not only familiar with a wide variety of garage door systems, but also have a keen eye when it comes to aesthetics. They make sure that the garage door replacement is one which goes with the other exteriors of the house to establish consistency.

This is facilitated by our vast collection of outdoor exteriors, where you can choose whichever door you prefer for installation. Once you’ve made the choice, our experts put their experience of more than 25 years to good use and solve your problems immediately.

Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair Aurora IL
Garage Door Cable Repair
Garage Door Cable Repair Aurora ILThe cable of the garage door is the most crucial element of the setup and holds the entire weight of the door in place. If the cable of the garage door snaps, the entire system is rendered dysfunctional. The cables on the garage door are installed on either side and are set in motion when the opener is triggered.

A cable which isn’t working properly can actually be at risk of causing injury, since there is no telling when it may snap. There are several ways you can determine whether the cable is deteriorating or not. The first thing you can do is observe the physical condition of the cable. If it is frayed in places and is braided, it has been subject to wear and tear and is on the verge of breaking.

Another method is to step back and observe the level of the door when it is lifted. If the balance is lopsided (i.e., one side is higher than the other), it means that a cable has been weakened. The lower side of the doo is the one with the weakened cable, since the tension in the cable has been released. When repairing doors, make sure to replace both cables at the same time, even if only one is showing signs of damage

Garage Door Operator Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair Aurora IL
Garage Door Off-Track
Garage Door Offtrack Aurora ILAn off-track garage door may be initially annoying, but it can be an indication of much larger problem looming under the surface. A garage door typically has two tracks which guide the door when it is opening or closing. If the garage door is moved off the track or the mechanism itself has become misaligned, the entire door may have difficulty in closing. Since the door has become unbalanced, it may put more strain on the high-tension cables. This added strain may cause cables to snap if the issue isn’t addressed immediately.

The tracks and rollers of the garage doors are the parts that are in constant movement, which subjects them to more wear and tear as compared to other components. This is why they are the most common of problems when it comes to garage door repairs.
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